The Covesta Story

As business owners, the 2008 financial crash changed our perspectives as it halted any prospect of us exiting our existing businesses after many years of hard work.

From financial crash to SaaS

We decided to utilise our skill sets and surplus cash to establish relationships with a number of new and existing start-ups. These small investments quickly resulted in a significant win which enabled us to explore further tax efficient investments.

Fast forward a number of years and we had organically established a private group of over 100 high-net-worth individuals who loved the collaborative approach and wanted access to similar opportunities. As the group grew and investment opportunities increased, we recognised the need for better communication, administration, and management.

This is how Covesta the platform was hatched and we are now in the position of being able to offer similar groups a simple digital product to verify, organise and communicate with their angels, the businesses seeking funds, and management of their current portfolios.