A network of angel groups

Covesta's strength lies with our network of groups who surface and collaborate on opportunities, funding alongside each other.

Current groups on our platform

Angel Net

Our network is made up of like minded Angel’s looking to invest in the UKs best start-ups.

Angel Net is set to grow and welcomes individuals who are looking to consolidate their investments in one central location using free portfolio administration tools, collaborate on opportunities and fund alongside other angel networks. 

Richmond Hill

Born in c.2008, the informal Richmond Hill Club (RHC) was founded by local Surrey resident and businessman, Bill Carey-Evans. Having been presented with a couple of unique opportunities, the small group of likeminded sport obsessed friends decided to invest.

The Club grew slowly to begin with until 2013-15 when it accelerated swiftly after a couple of successful exits. These exits threw RHC into a new world of opportunity and the Club blossomed significantly.

Today there are approximately 85 active RHC members with a particular interest in sport, SaaS, and FinTech.

Silicon Pond

Silicon Pond is a network of 100 dragons that meet at the Olympic Studios in South West London to hear entrepreneurs from the Borough pitch their start ups. The group provides capital and mentoring.

There is a positive bias so half the founders pitching are female, and a quarter of the founders have access to less privileged networks.

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